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You are a successful business development professional or management executive. But…

  • Are you worried about what the future holds in your present industry?
  • Have you been feeling somewhat burned out in your present career? And do you sometimes think that you might be better off in a new career where you can create the life you love?
  • Do you want to stay in your career but have been looking for investment opportunities to augment your income and protect your wealth?
  • Are worried about what the future holds in your present industry?If you answered YES to any of these questions, then perhaps we should talk.Consider a strategy of Executive Franchise Investment. Successful sales professionals and business management executives can be a part of a franchise business that enables a strong return on investment and the potential for significant equity as the business matures.

    You can either be an absentee owner or jump in and run operations yourself – whatever best fits your present situation. And – you can begin while still in your present position. Imagine being a part of a business that has the opportunity for a strong return on investment and the potential for significant equity as the business matures. Many executives that felt stuck have found a whole new lease on life by investigating franchise ownership.

    Let’s at least connect, and if it’s the right fit, let’s talk. I’m here to help: david@thefranchiseconsultingcompany.com | 421-400-9209

In the meantime, check out the information below that will aid you in planning for your future


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Why is Franchising part of Preparedness?

Owning a franchise is the business model with the highest level of success. These are usually very successful, as compared to a traditional startup. A franchise is a chance to own your own business, hire a staff, and generate income for yourself–just like a startup. The difference is that in franchising, someone else owns the brand. In fact, 40% of all American retail businesses are franchises. Another major difference is that some studies show that 90% of franchise businesses succeed. Why is this number so high? Because the Federal Trade Commission has established rules, requiring the company who owns the brand to provide training and assistance to the franchisee. Think about it: training costs money. Establishing a brand costs money. A franchise business is relieved of those expenses, so you, as a franchise owner, can come out ahead.


John Cooper speaks about his experiences with our Franchise Consultants
A franchisee gives you insight on what we provide
Rob Gladu Talks with Dave about Franchising
Time to open your business
Rob Hall speaks about his experiences with our Franchise Consultants
A franchisee gives you insight on what we provide


What Clients have to say:

"Dave was instrumental in opening my mind to a franchise that I originally did not consider. Through thoughtful conversations, Dave convinced me to keep an open mind. Dave's knowledge and experience as a successful entrepreneur gave me an insight, I would not have with another franchise consultant. In the end, I made the right decision because of Dave's skill of matching a client's skillset with a best in class franchise."
"Dave Jones was instrumental in opening my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities of franchising. After leaving the corporate world, I was very much in professional limbo and meeting with Dave was an eye opening experience. He related well to the challenges I faced with being off the job market for almost 20 years and helped me see how I could translate my business experience into finding and running a successful franchise. Dave is a patient listener and was able to clearly explain and guide our search to identify the opportunity best suited to my own professional and personal goals. His experience both in the corporate world and buying and operating his own franchises, make him a knowledgeable and trusted adviser and he is always available for advice, guidance or just a reliable sounding board. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone interested in exploring the opportunities of franchising."
"I recently had the pleasure of making Dave's acquaintance and began working with him regarding the potential of acquiring another franchise after closing my franchise business in 2019. Dave is the consummate professional and was very helpful in steering a few quality franchises my way. I was fortunate to attend his FCC franchise symposium in Atlanta in March 2020 and the quality of the content during that meeting was excellent. He covered all the bases necessary to pursue another franchise. As a fellow franchisee as well as a consultant, Dave is well positioned to assist anyone who might consider a franchise as a career change. I highly recommend him and his services."